Mortgage Banker

Jim Panthaki

Jim loves to help people achieve & keep their dream of home ownership. He has been helping people with their home loans for the last 25 years. He has helped 100s of families achieve their dream of affordable home loan by putting them into a better loan & lowering their monthly payment. He says it is exciting & gratifying to see his clients get the best loan possible & thus save thousands of dollars. It never gets old to see a happy client because they just saved thousands of dollars.

Jim has helped hundreds of families who were in all different financial situations. Some had excellent credit, & excellent income to qualify. On the other hand, he has helped countless families who faced challenges in one or more of these areas. He always made sure to find the best loan available for their situation.

It is very important to Jim that his clients understand & feel comfortable with the whole process. His biggest strength is his empathy towards his clients. He takes time to ask in-depth questions & actually understand what is important to the client in getting this loan. His strength is his ability to explain clearly everything about the loan products & earn their Confidence & Trust. . Thus he can provide guidance & solutions that meet their needs. Jim says he strives to earn the right to be their friend

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